Snake Massages Draws People For Healing & Empowerment

If you’re looking for healing and empowerment you might want to find a snake priestess to receive relaxing snake massages. At least, that’s what more and more people swear by.

Most people have a natural fear of snakes. This is for a good reason. After all there are countless venomous snake species that occupy Earth in many places. Even non-venomous snakes, like boa constrictors, can just smother you to death with their strong muscled bodies. To see what venomous animals can do, all one has to do is look what happens when coming in contact with dangerous caterpillars.

To top it off, snakes look slimy. So, it is not surprising if one refuses to merely touch and snake. Or to go as far as allowing one or more snakes to crawl and wind themselves around one’s body. But, as it turns out, snakes are not slimy at all.

Snakes have scales made of keratin. Which is the same stuff your nails and hair are made out of. Some snakes have small, soft scales, others have over-lapping scales. Then there are some that are keel-shaped and rough. And some snakes have smooth and shiny scales that appear slimy, but are not at all.

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Snake massages and their healing power

The belief in the healing power of snakes is not new. It goes back to the ancient times. Their venom and varies body parts have been used to treat ailments ever since humans started using medicines. Today, scientists all over the world look into venoms from all sorts of animals, including snakes, for the purpose to create new medicines. For example, a protein found in the Malayan pit viper’s venom can dissolve blood clots that cause a stroke for as long as six hours after stroke symptoms begin. The venom is currently being used in Europe to treat patients with deep-vein blood clots, and to prevent problematic clots from forming after certain surgeries and procedures.

Of course a snake massage doesn’t mean the snakes will rub their venom into your skin. There is no use of venom involved at all. There are not even any venomous snakes that take on the role as a masseuse. Maybe it’s the scales that do the trick. and the slithering motion in all different directions across the body.

A snake massage is believed to treat migraines, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and improve the blood flow to the heart, decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Snake priestesses

When you decide to visit a spa that offers snake massages, you will not meet your masseuse or masseur, but rather a snake priestess. The job of the priestess is to supervise and guide the snakes as they perform the massage.

To get the job done, she’ll use about 3 to snakes and wraps them around your feet, arms, head and/or neck.

Serpentessa, a snake priestess at Dreaming Goddess in New York, told the New York Insider that, “A snake massage, in essence, is a sensational and deep dive into sensual bliss. And how you feel afterwards is directly related to how you were feeling in the beginning.”

During her interview with CBSNY she said, “They tone and stimulate the vagus nerve in our body and that releases endorphins and oxytocin. Those are the feel good hormones.”

snake massages done by snake priestess

Empowerment through snake massages

Serpentessa revealed that aside from the physical well-being, patients also seek to have a snake massage to help them overcome their fear of snakes.

The method seems to bring a lot of positive feedback from clients.
One client told New York Insider that it felt like a “giant hug, which was really nice.”

Another client told CBSNY that she used to have a fear of snakes. “It was a lot calmer and peaceful than I thought it would be, she said. “There was a point it felt like they were just hugging me around the shoulders. It just felt very calm – like I could fall asleep.”

snake massages

How safe are snake massages?

A qualified professional snake princess will make sure both, human and snakes, can have a comfortable and positive experience from a snake massage.

Serpentessa is a specialized interspecies facilitator for 25 years. She said that, “There are no guarantees with a wild animal. You are the one who’s going to choose whether if it’s safe for you or not. So no one has ever been hurt by one of my boa constrictors.”

Serpentessa added that the snakes are never forced to work at any time. Plus, they don’t have to get to work while they’re feeding, shedding, or when they’re sick.

snake massages

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Here you can have a see Snake Priestess Serpentessa applying snake massages on Abby from Insider. During the massages she places boa constrictors on top of Abby’s body, but not before making sure that her client and the snakes are comfortable. She remains in the room during the entire process to supervise the snakes.

Snake Massage

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