Scary Hayrides For Adults

October is the most wonderful time of the year for all Halloween enthusiasts. Adults are looking forward to take part in scary hayrides for adults only.

Some people like to spend Halloween at Haunted tourist attractions around the world, or at one of America’s most haunted hotels. Many haunted places offer special Halloween events that include lodging and dining. Most people prefer to have a fun night out with party and hayride.

Adults and children love to visit haunted houses for a good scare. Hayrides for old and young provide for a great, spooky family time. These are quite tame compared to hayrides designed for adults only. Throughout the U.S. adults get to enjoy terror and horror through Hollywood worthy decorations, costumes, and performances.

6 of the best scary hayrides for adults

The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman hayride is continuously named Top Ten Haunted Attractions by CNBC and AOL. It has been featured on The Travel Channel, Comedy Central, and Emeril Live. Good Morning America, Nightline, CBS Evening News, The Today Show’s segment “Sara in the City”, and several national magazines have talked about them.

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is located in Ulster Park, NY.  The 250 year-old farm is located on more than sixty -five acres land. The ride includes foreboding woods, ponds, and more. To keep attracting return visitors Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses theme changes every year. The event includes a theatrical one-mile hayride, a corn maze, and 7 haunted attractions.

scary hayrides for adults
Image Headless

Scary hayrides for adults Dead End

Unspeakable horror, and terrifying scenes are waiting during the Dead End hayrides at Pinehaven Farm in Wyoming, Minnesota. Visitors will be subjected to cryogenic blasts, explosions, and over the top pyrotechnics. Horrific creatures and their converts are in place to scare the jeebies out of everyone.

Any survivors of the journey with a thirst for more horror get dropped off at the Sunnyvale Asylum. From it continues on foot through the asylum, the garden, and the woods again.


Forest of fear

The scariest Halloween hayrides lead through creepy forests. The Forest Of Fear at the Spooky Ranch in Cleveland, Ohio uses everything imaginable from pyrotechnics, and high tech scenes, to live actors. There might even be a Zombie Hunt.

scary hayrides for adults

Witch’s Woods

Witch’s Woods in Westford, Massachusetts draws visitors with a wide array of spooky attractions. The haunted castle and a 3-D Jack-O-Lantern display are quite popular. Their Chamber of Chills features horror movie icons throughout the years. Set in the forest of Nashoba Valley, there are 200 character actors waiting to scare the living hell out of Halloween partiers.

scary hayrides

The Los Angeles haunted hayride

The old, abandoned Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park, California offers hayrides through old ruins and forest.

Terrific clowns are hiding in the trees anywhere along the ride. Survivors finish up with a walk through a corn maze. Caution! Monsters are waiting there too.

scary hayrides for adults

Bates Motel

The Bates Motel Hayrides in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania scares its visitors with amazing props, digital FX, and great actors with extraordinary professional makeup. The Hayride has been featured several times on the Travel Channel. Bates Motel Hayrides was rated as the Number 1 Haunted Attraction in America by Hauntworld Magazine, USA Today and many other national publications.


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