Autocorrect Fails That Will Have You ROFL

What the makers of autocorrect had in mind when they developed this automated data validation function, aka text replacement or place-as-you-type, was to correct common spelling mistakes. They added it to smartphones and tablet computers, all with a great user experience in mind. After all, it does save a lot of time not to have look up correct spelling. You don’t even have to finish the word and it already knows what you are going to type…. or not.

Who would have thought that such a great app would turn out to be an even greater pain in the butt. As it turns out, autocorrect is more of an autofail. More often than not it replaces words without you even realizing it. Before you know it, you hit “send” and your messages turned into a funny, or embarrassing text you can’t undo. Oh, yes. Things can get very awkward.

Can autocorrect ruin your life?

Some people think so. In a rather humorous blog Mia Hay wrote about the perils of using autocorrect. She gives a few examples:

“I attempted to tell my mom about the mallards I had seen at the park that day,” freshman Macy Watson said. “Thanks to my auto-correct, I ended up dropping a good sized F-bomb right into my mom’s messages.” Obviously, this was the fault of auto-correct in its prime.

The shameful remorse felt by everyone who accidentally swears at their parents because of this lawful, evil mechanism is deep and cutting, but it can be solved by opening up a dictionary occasionally or getting surgery to thin your fingers, so let’s just keep the shame and unintelligent.

“I was texting my mom, and I asked her to buy me some chips,” sophomore Hannah Myers said. “It auto-corrected to another word for poop. I felt like my life completely stopped.” These traumatic occurrences are all too frequent. “I was texting one of my guy friends, and my phone auto-corrected sec to sex,” sophomore Allison Buckner. “He got weird about it. It was awkward.” Read more

Another discouraged user, Bianca O’Neill, even wrote a letter:

Dear autocorrect, I really, truly hate you. You ruin my life on a daily basis. And you won’t even let me swear at you.
You think you’re so helpful, but all you do is make me seem like a creepy moron. Ok fine, autocorrect: like more of a creepy moron.
You change Googled to fondled. You change pansies to panties. I even had to go to a meeting with HR that one time that you changed ASUS to anus. I’m not sure whether they were more concerned that I was texting the word anus to my boss, or that I worked in digital and owned an ASUS.
There was also that other time when a friend sent me a pic of her wedding dress ahead of her big day. I tried to tell her it was ‘art’, but I ended up texting her ‘arf’. After three attempts, all I’d done was bark at her. Read more

You get the drift. So, let’s move on to a hilarious compilation of 20 autocorrect fails that’ll have you rofl for sure. Then, if you still can breathe, you can keep on laughing with some love quotes (caution! Sense of humor required), and some more hilarious quotes if you need motivation.

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