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Welcome to the place where you find insight of what all you can find and experience around the world. Be it nature, science, history, places, animals, traditions and trends, or just ordinary people; the world is filled with interests that are not just entertaining, but also worth knowing about. We are still new and small, please help us grow by liking and sharing all you enjoyed reading.

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scary hayrides for adults

Scary Hayrides For Adults

October is the most wonderful time of the year for all Halloween enthusiasts. Adults are looking forward to take part in...
organisms combat plastic pollution. Poseidon statue with plastic bag stuck on his trident. Caption says when even Poseidon is tired of your sh*t.

Living Organisms Could Combat Plastic Pollution

Let's face it. Plastic has become a world-wide problem. More and more plastic escapes from over-filled landfills into the water...

Dangerous Plants Everyone Should Recognize

Plants are an important part of nature. Without plants there could be no life on Earth. Every plant has its...

When Animal Romantics Play Havoc On Humans

Love is in the air and everything goes crazy. No matter how well we think we know the natural world...
America's most haunted hotels

America’s Most Haunted Hotels Where Ghosts Never Sleep

It doesn’t matter if it is on Halloween or any other time of the year. In America’s most haunted hotels...

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